The image was inspired by the line in the song San Francisco “…be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…” Depicting Siamese cat Sophia heading to San Francisco, accompanied by birds. Limited edition of 250. Should you require bigger size than listed here, please email us admin[at] as this image is available in any size up to A1+.
Why did the chicken cross the road? The age old question… depicting family of chickens, mother hen, dad and chicks trying to make it to the other side safely, with a help of a lollipop. This is a Limited Edition print of 250. Printed on A4. Other sizes available (up to A1) in open edition, please contact us for your requirements.
– If you’d like to customise this picture and change the text on the signpost, please add customise “MINI”
(Please note that if you do decide to change the names on the signpost, the print will no longer be limited edition)


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If you would like to add a personalised note to accompany the print, please indicate the exact text at the checkout, thank you.

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