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  • “Home is where the hearth is”

  • Sowing The Seeds Of Love

  • When Patch met Lizette


0 thoughts on “love

  1. alen,

    This eclecticism word is just so hard to spell and type. I’m glad I really don’t have to do it anymore. Nice coat, btw … Oh yeah, and the wall paper behind is not bad too.

  2. alen,

    This is a reply to post formatted as quote. In post archive quote post title can be switched off

    1. alen,

      Really ?? Can be switched off ? Wow. That’s really something … And what about the image ?

      1. alen,

        So, this is third level or reply … I must admit this comments section is always taking me too much time to deal with … and the result is always good.

  3. alen,

    This is just a way to test usability of comments styling and designing. I believe that this large font (while typing) is a good thing … Don’t you ?