Kerto Koppel-Catlin

Kerto originates from Estonia, where she moved from in 2003. Art is in Kerto's genes - as a young girl, her mother who is also an artist, encouraged her to join her art studio where Kerto learnt to draw an paint alongside her mothers pupils. Kertos mother, Liive Koppel is a well known landscape and floral artist who has had many exhibitions all over the world. Kerto has exhibited alongside her mother for many years, since she was 13 years old.

Later she studied in Tartu University Art College, where she gained her diploma. Her classical art education has helped her to create a body of work which appears true to nature and illustrates her whimsical perception of the world around her.

In 2005 Kerto had the opportunity to take part in the BBC program "Rolf on Art - The Big Event", to paint the canvas number 23 where more than 100 artists each painted a canvas of Henry the VIII in Trafalgar Square, London.

In 2012, Kerto was invited to London again, this time to paint "Rolf Paints... The Diamond Jubilee" alongside with Rolf Harris and 60 other artists. Her painting was exhibited alongside other works finished on that day.

Kerto's has sold over 300 original paintings which can be found in collections all over the world. Her art has also been featured on various art and bloggers websites all over the world.

In 2006, character Lomps was born on the aircraft whilst flying from UK to Estonia to visit her family. During that flight, Kerto started doodling on a small piece of paper, when to her surprise, this creature with big nose appeared! Although Lomps had a long journey ahead of him, his characteristic nose has remained pretty much the same from the beginning. Other parts of Lomps have developed over the years: his grown hair instead of enormous ears; he has grown long legs and stylish ie more human-like look.

Where did the name Lomps come from?
As teenagers, three girls who were best friends, got up to all sorts of mischief...including playing and dancing in the main square of their capitol city of Estonia, Tallinn, which was usually full of tourists. So many years have passed Kerto can't actually remember the exact moment when they all together danced this simple one leg over the other leg 'dance' with sad of them, there and then called the dance "Lomps"! The name stuck, and until this day there is no meaning to the word, neither has it got any other translation...

Kerto considers her other half Christopher to be her muse who is always inspiring her to create new Lomps characters whether appearing in different scenes or illustrating some well known sayings.


      How “2+2” (Lompbretta) was born: